I made this installation for the exhibition "Echolot" at the museum Ludwig Forum (Aachen, Germany).The main focus of the exhibition is the artistic discovery journey through a very comlexly utilized rural region situated to the north of Aachen.
The mill Stockheider Mühle, also called the "alte Tuchfabrik" (old textile factory), is situated at the stream Wildbach, in a landscape to the north of Aachen in the Soers. Fascinated by this factory I saw it as a relic of a glorious past, that is slowly deteriorating and miserably vegetating...I was especially interested in deposition, threads of dust, lichen, mould and fungi that grow from damp walls or musty material that was left behind and weathered looms, resembling creatures from another world.Like jewelry of time they crawl out of the walls, feeding on the past and weaving their own delicate gossamer. They become part of the old mill and at the same time preserve a part of it's soul. Should the factory be granted a new function and a new life they will release the souls and dissapear back to where they came from.Their work will be done...